from the start

In 2004,  Niël du Bois followed his heart, gave his creative spirit free reins, took the plunge and did what many people only dream about – to leave the rat race to open an open air restaurant literally on a beach. Where the best seafood is prepared and enjoyed in Spartan surroundings – just like on the West Coast.

Early in December 2004, after decades as a journalist and media advisor, he arrived at Mossel Bay, without proper permission (it was still the good old days!), with his wife Laurika and a couple of labourers/friends, in and on “Brolloks”, his Chev lorry from the early 1950’s, stacked with rough building materials, fishing nets and ropes.

Thanks to enthusiasm, only topped by a lack of knowledge of what it really takes to open a restaurant, Lady Luck, and the unexpected support from a municipal official or two, the first De Vette Mossel was erected, the doors opened and …..the first guests arrived, and arrived ….and arrived…..

The first De Vette Mossel Beach Seafood Restaurant was born. On an isolated and pristine beach at Groot Brak River near Mossel Bay.

Thanks to the continuous support by our newly found Mossel friends, De Vette Mossel grew and grew. For Niël De Vette Mossel is still like a vacation – bare feet along one of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches, the get together with old Mossel friends and the making of new ones – every day!

Since October 2012 you can also off your shoes at the second De Vette Mossel on our Bushveldt Beach at Hartbeespoort Dam, Gauteng. And now also on our little piece of sea paradise in the Free State – De Vette Mossel @ Parys and Nelspruit @ Mpumalanga.

Niel often visit all the Mossels, to ensure that they mirrors his concept and quest for the best seafood anywhere.

Niel is currently finalizing this second West Coast food book, which will be launched during 2015. Friends of the De Vette Mossel will soon be able to visit the true West Coast with De Vette Mossel. Isolated places, not accessible to the ordinary man, will be visited, whilst those who are willing, will be able to collect their own seafood and prepare it. True traditional seafood feasts will be on the menu. 

In March each year De Vette Mossel move to Stellenbosch for the popular “US Woordfees”, and in the middle of the Free State winter hundreds of Free Staters brace the cold to experience the De Vette Mossel at the “Vryfees”.

Our Beach Seafood Restaurant is a perfect wedding venue, where love, romance, fun and dreams become a beautiful reality. De Vette Mossel is a unique beach/sea setting with unbeatable rates. Kick off your shoes for an unforgettable beach wedding and seafood buffet.

Please go to each of the De Vette Mossel’s own website for more detail on menu, times, directions, contact details, etc.